Is your workplace toxic?

  • Bullied at Work

    Workplace bullying is harmful for the victims and bystanders alike. Learn how to improve your reliance and how to survive bullying at work.

  • Toxic Boss

    Workplace culture comes form the top down. Sadly, if the boss is a dud, the whole workplace can suffer. Learn how to counteract the effects of a toxic boss

  • General Malaise

    Its easy to let a toxic workplace overtake your thoughts, leading to increased risk for health problems. Learn to reprogram your internal monologue for eh better

Work shouldn’t be the death of you.

Learn to apply first aid against a toxic work environment

When stuck in a toxic workplace, it is easy to let the negativity of the situation seep into every aspect of your life, and that can have disastrous consequences for your physical and mental health. 

In this course we will cover ways to look after yourself from practicing self-care and positive affirmations, to keeping records for any legal claim. 

Whether you are experiencing workplace bullying, stressful and demanding workload, or a boss from hell, there are tools in this course to help you get through until you can get out. 

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